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Educational Tentcampaigns

INFORMATION is being provided about the HIV/AIDS situation in Swaziland. It is progressing very quickly – it is still 28,3% of the population! During every campaign the true origins of the HIV infection is being explained very clearly. A lot of Swazi’s do not know the cause, because they live in very remote area’s, where there is no proper education about this.

The INSTRUCTION of the bible truths is done through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is being done through the tent campaigns that last 1 month. After every campaign, bible classes are being held every evening for 1-2 weeks. This is offered to new Christians as a follow-up so they can get good instruction from the beginning in the Biblical values. Every new convert will receive a complete Bible and will go to the bible classes. Because of that we can see that these people have truly given their hearts to the Lord. These bible classes are in high demand and the Christians there bare witness of the Gospel during those classes. They share what they have learned from the Bible and encourage each other in this way. These classes are still being held after years on a rotation schedule of 3 days with all 17 parishes. This is one of the strongest points of the service that I.I.I Ministry provides.

The ILLUSTRATION of the Gospel of Christ is offered through the JESUS-movie. This movie is a wonderful instrument in the hands of our Lord to show the Gospel. A lot of people from Swaziland have come to believe in Jesus Christ by seeing this movie.



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