I pray that this report shall find you in great health, rejoicing in the goodness of the love and grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I’m deeply humbled to report back to you about the success of our tent campaign which was held in Mafutseni from 06 May to 10 June of 2018. The follow-up work, referring to the new believers’ class, followed immediately from 11-24 June. The classes ran from 15:00 to 16:45, the second class from 17:00 to 19:00 and the last one from 19:30 to 21:00. We tried by all means possible to accommodate every person. Those who were not available during the day could attend the one from 17:00 to 19:00pm.

This arrangement worked well. It gave us an opportunity to run classes with manageable groups. Of course these groups differed from one another by participation. The last group to meet was more active than the first two with more interaction and outspoken individuals. Yes, generally we had great people from all walks of life and different personalities.

We visited primary and secondary schools in the morning. 341 learners accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour. We visited Mafutseni Clinic where 32 people gave their lives to Christ as well. We drove to Matsapha after securing an appointment to address the workers. We were given one hour and thirty minutes. We preached and 62 people gave their lives to Christ.

From the tent campaign we have a total of 564 new converts. These services were well attended and the weather was favourable. It was not too cold in the evenings and people were able to attend.

It was wonderful, as usual, to work as a team and I am forever grateful to God. I would like to share two or three testimonies about what God has done: A family, Mr and Mrs Simelane from Mafutseni, came for counselling on Saturday 10:30am in Manzini after they had been attending our evening tent campaign meetings and listening to us every Sunday afternoon live on radio between 15:00-15:30. This is what we gathered during the counselling session: Their little boy of 4 years old had a problem with his testicles. He was normal at birth, but at age 2 the testicles disappeared. They took the boy to doctors in Manzini, Mbabane and South Africa in search for a medical solution with no permanent results. We prayed for the boy Saturday and Monday. On the 12th of June Mr Simelane called to say, “Pastor, God is at work, we see improvement in our child, one of the testicles has now appeared”. We continued to pray, believing God for a miracle. Now, to the glory of God, on the 27th of June both testicles are out. On Saturday, 7 July, they came with the boy in Manzini during a counselling session to show me what the Lord has done. To God alone be the Glory and Honour. My heart celebrates Jesus Christ. He’s faithful.

Secondly: I used to hear from other people that a woman who used to practice witchcraft (a herbalist), is now delivered in Jesus’ name from occultism. Personally I haven’t met one before. I know ladies who are Sangomas. The service in progress and we were singing and worshiping our God and this lady came and dropped muti (witchcraft paraphernalia) on the floor. She told us: “I got this muti from Mozambique for my witchcraft”. She told us many stories what she does for the devil. “I can fly, using the broom at night. I can bewitch people. I can turn into a snake, etc.” she told us. We prayed and counselled her. Her counselling is still going on though. I hope to give an update later on.

Third, but not least: We had a gentleman who faithfully attended our meetings, practically every single night. He helped us with ushering and fixing the tent (you know when ropes are weak or pegs loosen in the ground, this gentleman would take a hammer and drive them deep in the ground and tighten the ropes). He was a God-send for us. One night as he was driving back home, he drove into a herd of cows sleeping in the middle of the road. The car was beyond repair, yet his life was supernaturally preserved.

God has given us joy and we rejoice in the Lord for all that He has done for us in this tent campaign. All that we can now say is: “Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!”

Yours in Christ,

Wesley Dlamini