Dear Mkulu,

I pray that this email, which contains the details about the tent campaign which ran from the 6th of August till the 19th, shall find you healthy as you enjoy the love and the grace of God over your life through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, amen.

After conducting a very successful tent campaign between 6 May and 10 June at Mafutseni, we never imagined that in a short space of time we would run another campaign. As you may know, by the grace of God, we have a program with VOC (Voice of the Church radio station) also known as “Trans World Radio” every Sunday from 15:00-15:30pm. We draw listeners from different parts of Swaziland and South Africa. Every Saturday we run a counseling session in Manzini from 10:30 am to 15:30 pm. People would make requests that we come to their area for a tent campaign. This time around we had a significant number of people requesting that we come to Kanonhlupheko. We prayed about it and eventually felt led to respond positively to their call. I remember the Apostle Paul in a vision saw someone crying out “please come and help us”. The cry was from Macedonia. To the glory of God we went to Kanonhlupheko. We made announcement on the radio which enabled us to have good attendance on the first day, as if we came expected. The first night we had 36 women and 16 men, as well as youth and children, with a total count of 76, excluding children. Those who are familiar with rural meetings at night in Swaziland would agree with me that it is almost impossible to count children since they are so many and are seated in a manner that makes them hard to count.

We decided not to keep a daily record of attendance since every meeting differed in attendance. However, the total attendance of the last night of the campaign was 369. The total number of people who gave their lives to Christ were 229. The total number of people who attended the follow-up classes were 227. We were told the remaining two individuals do not live in the village. They were there on holiday and live in Siteki.

We met this gentleman by the name of Solomon Mathe. He was born again during these services. When he was a toddler he got burnt by boiling water all over his body in such a way that he is permanently disfigured. He lives with his uncle. Has no hands or feet. When you see him for the first time, you feel weak and you break down. I spent time with him and we ate together, shared and even took some pictures together. What really moved me as we were talking, was when he said, “You know pastor, I’m looking forward to our blessed hope, when I will put away this body and put on a glorified one”. Brethren, I envy your prayers. Please continue to pray for him, that his faith may not fault or fail, but remain strong and assimilated in the Lord’s love and grace.

We had two little girls at the campaign who also gave their hearts to Christ. They live with their half-brother as they lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. They were very active in Sunday school which drew my attention to them. That’s when I discovered who they were and so on.

That’s all I think is necessary to be reported back to you brethren. If for some reasons you feel I omitted some vital information or you still need more clarity about certain issues, please indicate. God bless you all brethren.

Yours in Christ,


Wesley and Solomon.

Some people in attendance.