Shalom to you Mkhulu!

I pray that this report shall find you in great health and in full amazement of God’s love and grace toward you in Jesus Christ name, amen.

It is worth mentioning that ever since God opened the door for us at VOC (Voice of the Church – from Trans World Radio) we receive invitations from near and far. Regrettably we cannot honour all of them. This one to Mumbai in Mozambique was not exceptional. We received an invitation through a phone call to come and conduct an outreach for seven days. We kept ignoring the request until we met the gentleman in Manzini. We prayed about it. We reasoned hard about the logistics of going to Mumbai. We felt peace about the possibility of going there. We called the gentleman back to Swaziland for more discussions. We planned together with him and organized all the logistics. People from Mozambique speak Portuguese and many native languages, and very few speak English. We were promised a good translator who happens to be an evangelist from Maputo under the Dutch Reformed Church. I found it very helpful to work with him there. We were flowing together and he is man of prayer.

The services were held from 15-21 October 2018 in Mumbai every evening from 18:30- 21:30pm. We held services in a tent with a capacity of 300-350. People were coming from all walks of life and kept flocking in from near and far. We ended up having more people outside than inside. I requested two gentlemen to try and keep register for the services. After the outreach we were told that the attendance was in the region of 600- 800. We concluded that the attendance was 700 people. There were 572 new converts. After the meetings, I provided the follow-up work for two days with the local pastor. I must admit that it was a bit of a challenge. Every word I said had to be translated and that takes time. During these two days attendance of new converts was 585. The individuals who were responsible for the counting or registering of new converts probably somehow miss counted. I don’t know.

I promised to come back the last week of this month (November) to baptize the new converts. They have to secure a pond or dam or river which is safe and let us know. Mumbai is a village about 65 km from Maputo. It is a village in the forest. (By the way, Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique). The people there were friendly to us. They have great hospitality. They feed you until you can’t eat anymore!

The grace of God touched and delivered a gentleman who couldn’t properly pass urine for three months. We prayed for him in the name of Jesus Christ. The next day he came to the meetings jubilant, dancing and smiling from ear to ear, thanking God for His grace and compassion to him.

A small boy of 4 years had a protruding tummy that had been like that for two years. Jesus stepped in and the siege stopped – we never even prayed for him. We were praising the Lord, singing and worshiping the beauty and wonders of His name and He healed the young boy. There was an offensive smell in the tent – ladies were moving around with shovels and soil. We were told then that this young boy had this condition for 2 years, but that night God reached out to him in the course of the service and he was instantly delivered.

To God be the glory and honour.

Yours in Christ,