During the first weeks I kept on receiving good news from Wesley about the tent campaign: all went very well from the beginning. The attendance was impressive – considering the fact that Sikhuphe is a small village. There is a good co-operation of the Chief and his right hand, which turns out to be a great blessing.

He reported that especially during the morning devotions in the schools, they were aware of a powerful work of the Holy Spirit and many learners surrendered their young lives to the Lord Jesus Christ – in the first two weeks 687, of whom 381 in Primary Schools and 306 in the High Schools. What an enormously great joy that always is to hear!

On the daily TV-news we saw shocking pictures of the serious consequences of a cyclone that wreaked havoc and terrible floods in Malawi, Mozambique and also in Zimbabwe, but we had no clue of any further developments that could follow.

And then suddenly this picture on WhatsApp of the total destruction of the tent…! That happened one night last week at 02.00am. Wesley was called by a member of the team who told him this very bad news.

Thank God, nobody was injured and all electrical equipment undamaged, because they had been stored in one of the houses after the service. Only 12 chairs were destroyed by the fallen poles, so all in all only total destruction to the tent itself, which was used for 21 years already. We bought it in 1998 with funds from a big gift from the Netherlands. Surely remarkable that I placed the picture of that new tent just in the previous news from Swaziland!

It was a real blessing that the campaign could continue in a school hall. Also thanks to the influence of the Chief who stood by Wesley when they asked permission of the school principle, for since last year that was prohibited by a new law. We could again see the Hand of the Lord in this matter, so that the program would continue. In the first two weeks 73 adults had come to faith in the Lord Jesus, 62 during the evening services and 11 in the follow-up classes that were held during Saturdays.

Wesley wrote that we have to trust the Lord for funds to give a Swazi Bible to all new converts – something that we always have done throughout the many years to the glory of the Lord. It is a indispensable blessing in the lives of the new believers. God is exceedingly faithful in providing all our needs through His children!

It is a blessing to share the work in Swaziland with all of you once again and honour the Name of the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness – even in setbacks!

Thank you for your prayers and standing with us.

I wish you all God’s richest blessings,

Kees – also on behalf of Wesley

P.S.: A few days ago I received this message: “We are daily confronted by the chairman of the SGB (School Governing Body) who continually challenges us that ‘we are not allowed to hold services in this school-hall’! What kept us going thus far was our stubbornness and the word of the Chief. Please, send this message to all prayer partners for their intercession in this matter.” – Wesley