Shalom to you Mkhulu!

It is my prayer that this report finds you in good health and walking in the light of your faith in God, as your soul prospers.

By the grace of God we managed to begin with our tent campaign as scheduled. It was held at Sikhuphe village from the 5th of March to the 7th of April 2019. We were a team of 11 people, including two guest Evangelists who studied at Phumelela Bible College, four song leaders, a keyboard player and two Sunday school teachers.

When we compare this village with others where we previously held campaigns, the population was smaller. God opened doors for us in this village by allowing the Chief and his right-hand men to favour us with their trust. They provided two gentlemen who happened to be members of the Police Force. They joined us every single day of the meetings to keep order, among other things. We really appreciated that support.

I think it is worth mentioning the spirit of unity and peace amongst the team. That in itself proved to be a major contributing factor to the positive response we experience every time we bring a campaign to the villages. This time around we had a massive response from schools, Primary and Secondary. The number of new school converts totalled 857 new-born babies in Christ.

The attendance from the tent kept increasing every single evening until we were hit hard by a storm during one night (around 02:30am or so). We were told the strong wind came from Mozambique to Siteki, Mpaka, right across Sikhuphe and the surrounding areas, which left most of the places severely affected. (This was the after effect of cyclone Ida that caused much destruction in neighbouring countries.) The result was that we lost our TENT, which was torn to pieces. Only 12 chairs were destroyed by falling poles. The equipment (sound system) had been kept elsewhere and was not damaged.

After assessing the whole situation and prayer, we decided to use another venue to continue with the campaign for the remaining days. We went to a local high school, accompanied by the Chief, to request the use of the school hall. We were given permission, but after two days the SGB (School Governing Body) called to inform us that we were not allowed to use the school facility. After we reported the matter to the Chief, he told us to continue and that he would sort out the matter for us. In a nutshell, we remained there until the last day of the campaign. The total number of new converts during the tent campaign, excluding the schools, was 128.

We resumed with our new converts’ classes from 8-14 April, every afternoon from 17:00 to 19:00pm. Yes, we continued in the school hall. We were expecting 128 people to attend our classes, but 134 turned up every single day. Maybe we had lost count at some point, who knows? I don’t know. After Good Friday we will continue the classes for another 7 days.


This lady, by the name of Mrs Phindile Nkuna, told us: “I saw the tent and my children were attending every day. I started attending as well. I had a problem: every night I dreamed about eating and conversing with dead people. Some I knew and others were long gone. People were chasing me in the dream with knives and guns. As a result, when I woke up in the morning I would be exhausted. When the pastor prayed for me, I went
home and slept and have not experienced such things again. It is day 12 now. God has freed me from this plague”. To God be the glory.

Second: This gentleman, by the name of Sizwe Ntuli, had been searching for his lost goats for 3 months without any success. One night he came forward during testimony time and asked for prayer. The following day, a gentleman from another village came to him saying: “I saw some goats on the mountain.” He described them and the next morning they went to the mountain together and lo and behold, there were his goats!

Third: One of the wives of the Chief had a non-stop menstruation for a period of 4 months. By the grace of God she was prayed for and the flow stopped. We return all the glory and honour unto the Lord.

Those who were ready for water baptism were baptized last week including some teenagers. God willing, next month we will baptise all the new converts.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We really value it deeply.

Yours in Christ,


Here are some of the young people who asked to be baptised after the lesson about baptism was taught.