Shalom to you Mkhulu,

It is with delight and pleasure in my spirit to report back to you about our recent tent campaign at Luve, Swaziland. We are forever grateful to the Lord for the door He opened for us on the radio broadcasts of VOC, in Swaziland. A handful of brethren pleaded with us to come to the Luve village. We waited upon the Lord for some time, after which we felt a release in the spirit. We contacted them to make arrangements for us which entailed securing the venue, meeting the Chief, accommodation and power supply, etc. Everything fell into place. When things happen that way, most of the time it is God’s green light for you to enter in and repossess the land for Jesus Christ.

Our program was organized in this manner:
We visited schools in the mornings for the morning devotions. On average at each school we were given 15-20 minutes to preach and pray for the learners. Breakfast 09:00 am; quiet time 10:00-11:00 am. From 11:15 am to 12:45 pm personal evangelism; 13:00-14:00 pm lunch time; 14:15-16:00 pm back to personal evangelism. From 16:30-17:15 pm children’s church and from 18:00-20:30 pm the main evening service was held. In a nutshell this was our standard program at Luve.

With regard to school visits, we were humbled to see God’s grace and love. Normally, to control order during the morning devotion, when you visit a school with a 600-1400 enrolment of learners, proves to be difficult – but not this time. Both boys and girls behaved very well. In one particular school with the above-mentioned enrolment we visited twice and by the grace of God we registered 467 new converts. At this school we met three solid bible-based educators with whom we agreed, for the meantime, to work together, to ensure the new converts are assimilated in Christ’s word and prayer. At other schools we registered 289 new converts.

When doing personal evangelism, it happens as follows: we walk on the street. You meet a person or persons and greet them, requesting 2-5 minutes of their time to share Good News with them. Most agree, only very few are reluctant. We have learnt to live with either a “Yes” or a “No”. Generally speaking people from the village don’t have a busy life, and they have time to listen to the Gospel. For that reason we are forever indebted to this wonderful great community. May God continue to meet them at the point of their needs in Jesus’ name. We counted 47 new converts among them.

The evening meetings resumed as planned and continued by God’s grace and the help we got from the Chief. He gave us 3 gentlemen to assist us with everything we needed. They also assisted with the order and safety in the tent. After the meeting they made announcement like: “Please, as you now go back home, walk in groups, we need you tomorrow”. The attendance was amazing in and outside the tent. We discovered that many of the church members from other villages were attending our meeting too, because an announcement had been made about them on the weekly VOC broadcasts. However, having said that, many people who had never given their life to Christ also attended. As a result of the evening meetings we had a total of 153 new converts.

A lady aged 57 years lost her balance as she went outside to fetch some firewood. She fell on the ground and she dislocated her hip. She walked badly and you could tell she was in constant pain. As everyone was praising and worshiping the Lord and mass prayer was rendered to the glory of God, healing grace reached out to her and corrected her situation. In her own words she said: “I felt a warm sensation around my waist and before I could notice the pain was gone”. No one prayed for her, God reached out to her in love and compassion.

A young lady of 32 years, told us that practicality every night she either dreamt of dogs chasing her or people hunting her down with guns. As a result, every morning she would wake-up very tired. She shared this ordeal with us in tears. “Pastor, I dread going to sleep, I don’t know what is a good sleep anymore”. I opened John 10:10 to her and told her to read it out loud and authoritatively. Then I said, in the name of Jesus Christ, the son of the living God, I command you demonic spirits, spirit of destruction leave this lady and come no more in Jesus’ name. Also, I led her to Isaiah 54:17. She didn’t come to testify for two days. On the 3rd day she returned and said, “I couldn’t believe it. I decided to watch and pray, but after three days it dawned on me that my case is over. God has finally delivered me.”

We would like to thank all our prayer partners for their support and prayers which made this campaign a success. Please continue to support and pray for us that when God opens a door for us to go and preach we may take the opportunity obediently. Gifts we receive, all go to evangelism except when the donors state otherwise.

Yours in His service,

Pastor Wesley Dlamini

This picture was taken at one of the schools’ morning devotions.

One day it was windy, so we pulled down the tent and conducted the service in open air.

Continuing with the campaign, we used an older tent of a friend, who used ours as he was based in South Africa where no wind was blowing.