Dear Mkhulu,

It is with great joy and delight to send you the report about the tent campaign held in Sihhoye, Eswatini. The campaign ran from 01 October until 03 November. On Monday the 4th we continued with the new converts’ class for two additional weeks. This was our last Major Campaign for 2019.

We visited both primary and secondary schools in the mornings (morning devotions). We also visited the local clinic and a market place. We got the opportunity to visit the Correctional Service facility, called Bhalekani. We visited houses sharing the word of God with people before lunch each day.

When reconciling the numbers from primary and secondary schools, the new converts are 569 in total. The other numbers are: market place 15; the clinic 9 and the Correctional Service 12. For three days we visited the new believers in the Correctional Service for counseling, prayer and follow-up work.
The main service in the evenings started at 18:00 to 21:00pm every day. The total number of new converts in the tent reached 245. We will continue to meet with them for follow-up work until they are spiritually able to stand on their own, so to speak.

Brothers and sisters, I think it is imperative for me to bring the following to your attention:

Swaziland has commonly been known as a country that is open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Things are now changing. Previously, before you could take a campaign to a village, you had to first meet the Chief and his right-hand men and that was it. Now, after you have met them, they have to introduce you to the Pastors Fraternal. This council or committee includes Pastors from Zionist and Occult churches commonly known in Swaziland as Ngubozibovu (they put on red garments and they are very violent people). In most cases they are the chairmen of the Fraternal. When you come in with the true Gospel, they reject you. They say, “He is going to take our members.” In most cases, when their spiritual eyes are opened, people leave them for a living church where Jesus Christ is proclaimed as Lord and Saviour. For that reason, they shut the door for anyone coming with the true Gospel. Once they reject your request the Chief can do nothing about it. My request to you brethren is to stand with us in prayer for God to grant us grace to continue to proclaim the Gospel in Swaziland. The Apostle Paul once said: “An effectual door of service is opened for me, but there are many adversaries”. God can and will make a way where it seems to be no way. With this, I need God’s wisdom.

Two weeks into the campaign two sons of the Chief got saved. The last week of the campaign one of the right-hand men of the Chief attended the meeting. He too was rescued from destruction by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A lady gave testimony to the glory of God that for three months she couldn’t see her periods. After she was prayed for in the Name of Jesus Christ, two days after she was healed and restored.

This gentleman with four sons and two girls, couldn’t sleep in his house due to several demons who were assaulting everyone who dared sleep there. He met with us and we talked and prayed together. We requested him to give us permission to sleep in his house for seven days. Making a long story short: we slept there and all the demonic forces were conquered in Jesus’ name.

By the grace of God, we will be conducting a water baptism service for the new converts during the second week of December.

These are some of the ladies who want to be baptized. (Photo taken on a Saturday, after a bible study.)

The tent is full, so these are some of the people sitting outside listening to the Word of God.

We thank God for your unending support both in prayer and gifts. May your hands never experience dryness in Jesus’ name and your cup never run empty in Jesus’ name. May our loving and caring Heavenly Father supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus our Lord.

To you all, our brothers and sisters, a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2020.

Yours in Christ,