Dear Mkhulu,

I pray that this brief report will find you in good health and strong in His loving grace.

On the 31st of December 2019, by the grace of God, we held our cross-over night service at Enkaba. It kept pouring down that entire day. We even thought that many of our people from different villages would not be able to honour the day due to the rain. Around 16:00 pm the rain lifted a bit. The service was scheduled to commence at 18:00, but due to the rain we kicked off at 5 o’clock that afternoon.

We were expecting brethren from all different villages to collectively come and spend the day, but as I just said some couldn’t come. However, the attendance wasn’t that bad. We were in the region of 625 people. During the cross-over night service our program was meaty and covered a lot of things. People were given a banquet of time to express love and joy unto the Lord for all that He had done since the inception of the year until now. To Him alone be the glory and honour forever. All who wanted to share their testimonies were allowed to do so. People who had prepared songs to render to the glory of God were given time as well. Children and youth played drums and some games (they chose a Book in the Bible and made a play). At 12:00 am we all sang a hymn and engaged in mass prayer, welcoming the new year in style.

This year we had an evangelist from White River by the name of Enock Skhosane. He took about three hours laying out the Word and in between gave us a prayer point to pray on for seven minutes or so. That way the three to four hours on the pulpit passed unnoticed. He almost covered the entire Psalm 103:1 till the last verse, plus Psalm 91. We kept on consuming the Word until we were amply loaded and ready for the journey ahead of us. Our faith in God was elevated. We renewed our vows to love and honour Him this 2020.

We strongly believe that the best is yet to come. We are highly favoured with much grace, surely goodness and mercy shall be our permanent companion this 2020 in Jesus name. We are blessed beyond words. We sincerely covet your prayers as we pray and plan for 2020.

We have a few testimonies to share with you to the glory of God.

A fine gentleman who happens to be a staunch follower of our Lord Jesus, very committed in his local church and a soul winner, was in a serious accident on his way home from work. A drunkard swerved into his lane and caused a head-on collision. Thank God his life was graciously preserved and the culprit was arrested on the scene. He is recuperating hastily in hospital. His name is Melusi Sambo.

A lady from one of the fellowships hosted a party to the glory of God for the wonderful school performance of her children. God blessed her with four young boys (two pairs of twins). The first twins passed to grade five and the others to grade seven. This is the mother (with glasses) of the twins.


Robbers broke into the house of an elderly lady at night, I guess she is in her early 80s. They ate all her food, took some valuable belongings and left. What really caught my attention was the fact that during the whole ordeal, God gave this lady a deep sleep. She heard nothing and she saw nothing. Upon waking up she realized that she had uninvited guests that night, but her life was preserved. These days people don’t have a conscience: they rob your house, rape and kill you. She was spared. Please, let us pray for the protection of our senior citizens from these barbaric people.

Lastly, please stand together with us in prayer as we seek for His guidance for 2020. We do not desire to begin our own mission or walk where we think is necessary. Instead, may we discover where He is working and swiftly go and join Him at His work. I pray this year will be a better one than any we have seen before.

God bless you all in Jesus’ name, amen.

Yours in ministry,


This is the temporary church structure in Enkaba which we used three days prior to Cross-over.
We held afternoon meetings to pray for the Cross-over.