Shalom to you Mkhulu,

It is always with great joy that I update you every so often about the work we are doing both in Swaziland and South Africa. Today I would like to focus mainly on Leadership Seminars and weekend programs.

It all started with the open door from VOC (Voice of the Church radio broadcasts of TWR). We receive requests both in SD and SA to come and help. In a way it came as an answer to my strong desire from way back in 1992 when I conversed with myself that at the age of fifty years, I would like to pay more attention to up and coming young people in ministry, pouring myself into them regarding the work of ministry, especially leadership. In 2018 we started receiving requests from young people via phone calls and WhatsApp requesting spiritual direction. After a long time of prayer and meditation we decided to start these programs.

We run it for 3 days in Swaziland. We focus mainly on:
1. The spirit of a shepherd
2. Me and my calling
3. A pastor and family
4. A pastor and the local assembly

Currently we have nine young men who attend our program consistently in SD. We welcome anyone to come and participate, regardless of gender and age. You cannot be very effective without a program. In the course of lecturing you unconsciously delve into evangelism and make alter calls. That is why we invite anyone to attend, because anything can happen.

Lessons commence at 09:30 to 12:45 followed by an hour lunch. From 14:30 to 16:30 we close for the day. Sometimes we invite Pastors to come and share their experiences in ministry and so on. I find it helpful. Some of the students do some practicals, preaching in local assemblies both in Swaziland and SA.

The weekend program is done only in South Africa. We have a home cell in Matsulu. It is a township situated just after the Nkomazi Toll Plaza between Malelane and Nelspruit, 25km from Malelane. The second one is in Komatipoort township. That is 47 km from my place in Kamhlushwa. There we run the Bible study lessons.

Basically we are teaching the fundamentals of the Word of God and laying the foundation. Six ladies heard us on the radio and invited us and that is how it all began in Matsulu. We were in Komatipoort for a funeral program and several people got saved. We decided to go back with an open air preaching program. More people got saved. So, now we are there also on Saturday and Sunday.

In Matsulu we start on Saturday 12:00 to 16:00pm. Komatipoort is 17:30 to 20:30pm. Here we teach salvation, water baptism, prayer, etc (the basic teachings) for new converts. The lockdown started from April through May in Swaziland. During those times I was mainly busy with translating my materials from English to Swati. From June till now the doors are open, with only 100 people allowed per gathering, which provides an opportunity to our students to go and teach and preach in local assemblies.

In South Africa we are still limited to 50 people gathering. Because of this, we continue with our weekend program effectively by dividing the 157 people attending in Matsulu into 3 groups. In Komatipoort 210 – divided into four groups. Ya, currently it is a challenge, but we have found a way to work around it. I think going forward raising more future leaders will be also my main focus. Young and upcoming men is what I am investing in.

The challenge that we face is ensuring that we keep a register of all our attendees, because the police come unannounced to check our compliance both in Swaziland and SA. So, we do have sanitizers and temperature gadgets and a book register. The Police came twice in SD and they found us compliant, and also in South Africa. Ya, work in ministry has changed drastically of late. I believe with the help of God things will go back to normal, not forgetting that we are indeed in the last days.

Ya, basically that is what we are currently busy with, both in Swaziland and South Africa. I enclose some photos of some of the people who are attending our meetings.

Yours in ministry,


These are some of our students from Swaziland

Praise and worship team before the commencement of the
program. Some of them are the students.

Weekend program in Komatipoort

– A village right in the north-east of South Africa and right on the
border with Mozambique

This gentleman is now one of our students in SD. He used to be a heavy drunkard. He got saved in our program and he now attends regularly. He lost his job due to heavy drinking. We visited him in his place. We were shocked to find him cooking what I can’t even explain what it was.

By the grace of God we were able to buy food parcels for him. This is the three-legged pot where he is cooking. Believe me, I didn’t have an idea what was in it. It looked like offcuts of different kinds of animals. According to him, someone working in a butchery gave this to him, after being without a meal for a few days. Now he is born-again and is part of our family.